The Brand Ambassadors

Scaffolding’s being erected on the sales floor.
No-one knows why.

At ten, staff are summoned to the scene.

The Beverage Intelligence 2050 sales team
(Sanj, Ray, Daz and Michelle)
are standing on a makeshift platform.

Roy stands beneath them.
For some reason he’s dressed as a circus ringmaster.

“Behold our brand ambassadors!” says Roy,
cracking his whip.

“United and Liverpool have won the league on thirty-eight occasions,” he says.
“What does that tell us?”

“That they’ve been champions thirty-eight times?” asks Diya.

“That red spells success,” says Roy.

Sanj, Ray, Daz and Michelle’s scarlet T-shirts say
“Westminster Media – Kings of ROI
above a golden crown.

“Team spirit” says Roy,
“stems from solidarity.
The same clothes equals the same values.”

Sanj shuffles awkwardly.
His T-shirt looks two sizes too small.

“What about freedom of expression?” asks Carla.

“What about protecting employees from differentiation-based discrimination?” retorts Roy.

He snaps his whip, annoyed.
He’d probably been expecting applause.

“There’s a box in the corner,” he says.
“Help yourselves.”

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