The Three Pioneers

“This way for disruptive innovation!” says Roy.

Diya, Carla and I follow him to the sales floor
where Sanj, Daz and Benny from Food Packaging Monthly 
are pitching to clients.

Their desks have been radically altered.
They still have a monitor and keyboard like everyone else.
But unlike everyone else,
they’re walking on treadmills.

“The agile workplace!” says Roy.
“Where wellness meets productivity.
I can alter the speed at the touch of a button.”

“You control the speed?” I ask.

“The default setting’s two miles an hour,” he says.
“That’s a comfortable stroll.
If they’re not making enough phone calls
it’s hiked up to four.
That’s uncomfortably brisk.”

“Jesus,” says Carla.

“Embracing the treadmill with gusto,” says Roy,
“is the recommended approach.”

“Do they still have their normal desks, too?” asks Diya.

“No, no,” says Roy.
“We’ve declared war on the sedentary.
These are three pioneers.”

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