Rocket Science

“Act as if you owned the business,” says Roy,
kicking off our weekly team meeting.
“Imagine the results,” he says,
“of everyone thinking and acting like entrepreneurs,
with a shared belief in our purpose
and a shared focus on the bottom line.”

“Harnessing the power of an ownership culture,” he says.
“That’s what I’m talking about.”

“But we don’t own the business,” says Diya.

“I know that,” says Roy,
“but I’m asking you to act like you did.”

“But,” says Harry, “we don’t own the business.”

“Christ, use your imagination,” says Roy.
“Ask yourself what you’d do
if you owned the business,
and then do it.
It’s not rocket science.”

He scans the group, seeking a stooge.

“Jenson. What would you do if it was your business?”

Jenson strokes his chin.
He’s giving it some thought.

“Sell it. Move to Spain.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” says Roy.

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